Return On Investment

Let's See How Much Money You Will Save

By providing answers to the following questions, your Payroll/Time and Attendance specialist will be able to provide you and your company with an accurate, hard-dollar savings estimate on a monthly and annual basis.

    Survey Questions:
1. Company Name:
2. Contact Name: Fax: E-mail:
3. Number of employees you anticipate using an automated system:    Employees
4. Average hourly wage rate of employees using the system: $
5. Average number of hours these employees work per week:    Hours
6. Time card audit by supervisors & payroll department (average 7 minutes?)
(Amount of time wasted tracking down people who forgot to punch and/or the time wasted just manually adding the timecards/sheets)
7. Average hourly wage of Time Card auditing personnel? $
8. Average lost time per employee per day (average 6 minutes?)
(Example employee could be 2 minutes late for work, take an extra 2 minutes for lunch, and leave 2 minutes early from work)
9. Error factor or accuracy of your payroll (average 3%?)
(If your payroll department is extremely meticulous, dedicated, and conscientious, your error factor is still a minimum of 1%)

Remember, it is impossible to ever have a 100% accurate payroll if you are still manually adding up time cars or handwritten sheets filled out by your employees. Even if you are inaccurate by only 1% each pay period, that is costing your company hundreds or thousands of dollars annually.

Why not automate the payroll process? You will:

  1. Save your company a lot of money
  2. Save 70% to 80% of your supervisor's and payroll personnel's time
  3. Be able to generate reports to operate your company more efficiently

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